Is Brandon Royval Mexican: Exploring Brandon Royval’s Roots

Is Brandon Royval, Mexican

Is Brandon Royval Mexican: Brandon Royval is a professional mixed martial artist from America. He fights in the Flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He’s a pro fighter. Lately, lots of his fans are interested in learning about his ethnicity and family background.

If you’re one of his fans and want to know more about his ethnicity, you’re in the right place. Continue reading this article to learn about Brandon Royval’s ethnicity and family background.

Is Brandon Royval, Mexican

Is Brandon Royval, Mexican

Brandon Royval is thought to have Hispanic ethnicity because his family background is Hispanic. Brandon Royval was born on August 16, 1992, in Denver, Colorado, and he is an American citizen. Royval’s nickname is “Raw Dawg. He’s the third-ranked UFC flyweight fighter and comes from Denver, Colorado, USA. He also competes as a professional mixed martial artist in the same state.

He grew up in Denver and started learning martial arts when he was young. By the time he was 15, he was training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. Royval is a talented fighter with a bright future. Despite his aggressive style, he’s proven to thrive in intense situations. After doing well in amateur fights, Brandon Royval started his pro career on August 17, 2012, at Kick Down MMA 102: Rebels against Sammy Rind. He did well, beating Rind in the first round with many strong elbow hits, and winning the fight by TKO.

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Brandon Royval Family Background

Is Brandon Royval, Mexican

The 29-year-old Flyweight champion We can’t find any information about Brandon Royval’s parents online. He talks about them a lot in interviews and thinks they’re his heroes, but he’s never mentioned who they are. In an interview with UFC, he said his heroes are his parents, Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, and BJ Penn.

The only family member we know about is his older brother Darian. Even on social media, he doesn’t share much about his parents. In Royval’s case, he’s Mexican-American, born and raised in Denver, CO. He says his success comes from his Mexican heritage. After a fight, he told the crowd, “I’m a third-generation Mexican. I know that might not mean much, but I can do this because I have that strong Mexican spirit, just like all of you.”

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Brandon Royval, a UFC flyweight fighter from Denver, Colorado, USA, is of Hispanic ethnicity, with Mexican roots. Known as “Raw Dawg,” he began martial arts training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai at 15. His pro debut was in 2012, winning via TKO. Royval’s parents remain private, but he praises them as his heroes. Despite being American, he proudly embraces his Mexican heritage, connecting with fans after fights.


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