Dior Goodjohn Ethnicity: From Child Model to Silver Screen Star

dior goodjohn ethnicity

Dior Goodjohn Ethnicity: Dior Goodjohn is an English actress Dior Goodjohn has made a big impact in entertainment, starring in famous TV shows and movies. Lately, lots of her fans are interested in learning about her ethnicity and family background. This is because Dior Goodjohn is becoming a big star in the entertainment industry.

If you’re one of her fans and want to know more about her ethnicity, you’re in the right place. Continue reading this article to learn about Dior Goodjohn’s ethnicity and family background.

Dior Goodjohn Ethnicity

dior goodjohn ethnicity

Dior Goodjohn has a mixed ethnicity and She holds American nationality. Dior Goodjohn was born in Santa Monica, California on August 13, 2006. She started her career as a child model, working with famous clothing brands and appearing in ads. Inspired by Scarlett Johansson, Dior decided to pursue acting, drawing from her early experiences in the industry.

In 2013, she got a big Glee break, playing a young Santana Lopez. This role showcased her acting skills and began her successful acting career. Dior’s breakthrough came in 2021 when she starred as Robyn Rook in Head of the Class, earning recognition for her versatility. Continuing her momentum, Dior recently appeared as Clarisse La Rue in Percy Jackson and the Olympians, solidifying her position in the acting world.

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Dior Goodjohn Family Background

Dior Goodjohn hails from California, where her family members also have diverse racial backgrounds. Her father is named Troy Goodjohn, and her mother is Tannaz Goodjohn.

Dior Goodjohn, an English actress, has gained fame in the entertainment world through her memorable performances in various TV shows and movies. With her exceptional talent, she continues to captivate audiences on stage and screen. Goodjohn is also recognized as a talented model and actress, known for her versatility in different roles. Her recent role in a 2023 television series has further solidified her reputation in the industry.

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Dior Goodjohn, born in Santa Monica, California on August 13, 2006, has American nationality and mixed ethnicity. Inspired by Scarlett Johansson, she transitioned from child modeling to acting. Her breakthrough came in 2013 with Glee, followed by roles in Head of the Class and Percy Jackson and the Olympians. With diverse family backgrounds, her parents Troy and Tannaz Goodjohn, she continues to excel as an English actress, captivating audiences with her versatility on stage and screen.

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