Mauricio Umansky Ethnicity: His Multicultural Identity Explored

Mauricio Umansky Ethnicity

Mauricio Umansky Ethnicity: Mauricio Umansky, a Mexican real estate broker and TV star. People are curious about his background, especially his ethnicity. In this article, we’ll uncover more about Mauricio Umansky’s ethnicity, giving you a glimpse into his cultural roots and personal story. Keep reading to learn more!

Mauricio Umansky Ethnicity

Mauricio Umansky Ethnicity

Mauricio Umansky’s ethnicity has a mixed of Russian and Greek Jewish heritage. He’s famous for co-founding and leading The Agency RE, a real estate company in Beverly Hills. You might recognize him from the Netflix show Buying Beverly Hills.

Before diving into real estate, he started a clothing company called 90265 back in 1989, where he claims to have kickstarted the trend of oversized t-shirts with leggings. He sold the company in 1996. Mauricio began his real estate journey at Hilton & Hyland, a firm in Beverly Hills co-owned by his brother-in-law.

He quickly became one of the top agents, earning lots of money in commissions. Mauricio’s TV career started in 2005 on MTV’s Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. Since 2010, he’s been making appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And now, he’s a main cast member on Buying Beverly Hills, starting from 2022.

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The Evolution of Mauricio Umansky’s Family Background

Mauricio Umansky Ethnicity

Mauricio Simon Umansky was born in Mexico City, Mexico, on June 25, 1970. He’s the oldest of two children to his parents, Eduardo Umansky,(dad) who made clothes, and Estella Sneider,(mom) a psychologist. He grew up in Mexico but moved to the United States with his family when he was six years old. Mauricio is Jewish and has roots from Russia, Greece, and Turkey.

He met his wife, Kyle Richards, an actress, in 1994, and they got married on January 20, 1996, when Kyle was four months pregnant with their first daughter, Alexia Umansky. Later, they had two more daughters, Sophia Umansky and Portia Umansky.

Kyle’s daughter from a previous marriage, Farrah Brittany, has been like a stepdaughter to Mauricio since she was five years old. Mauricio’s in-laws are Ken Richards, a business consultant, and Kathleen Richards, a casting director.

In July 2023, People magazine reported that Mauricio and Kyle had separated after being married for 27 years. They later released a statement saying they weren’t getting divorced but were going through a tough time. Since then, they’ve both confirmed their separation.

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Mauricio Umansky has a diverse heritage, with roots in Russian and Greek Jewish ancestry. He’s renowned for co-founding and leading The Agency RE, a Beverly Hills-based real estate company, and starring on the Netflix series Buying Beverly Hills. Before real estate, he founded the clothing brand 90265 in 1989. Mauricio began his TV career in 2005 on MTV’s Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and later appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Born in Mexico City in 1970, Mauricio moved to the US at a young age. He’s Jewish and married actress Kyle Richards in 1996, with whom he has three daughters. Mauricio’s in-laws are Ken and Kathleen Richards. In 2023, Mauricio and Kyle announced their separation after 27 years of marriage.

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